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writing dirty
Btu Alumni, Book 5

I’m the queen of romance.


Considering I write kissing books for a living, my own love life should be worthy of a fairytale, right?




And when I run into a bit of a stalker problem, the journey to finding my happily ever after goes from bad to hot mess real fast.


Because that’s when Dex Stone–my brothers’ best friend, military badass, and the boy I’ve loved my whole life–designates himself as my bodyguard.


Little does he know, I don’t need a knight in shining armor, despite how good he looks in uniform.


But Dex is stubborn, my brothers are overprotective, and I am so, so screwed.

Because no matter how capable I am of slaying my own dragons, when it comes to this sexy Navy SEAL, there’s one thing I failed to protect…


My heart.

WRITING DIRTY is an interconnected stand-alone of the BTU Alumni squad with scenes steamy enough to inspire this romance writing Covenette. This laugh out loud rom-com features a cast of characters who don't know how to stay in their lane, a heroine who refuses to be a damsel, and a hero determined to prove he can deliver one hell of a happily ever after.

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