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playing for keeps
#U of J, Book 3

@UofJ411: House parties and handcuffs don't mix. #IsThatBlood #DontMessWithTheFlock #Kaysonova

The mighty Casanova has fallen

Me: six foot five, two hundred and fifty pounds, collegiate football player.
Protected by my pint-sized girlfriend.
Comical. Ridiculous. BROKEN.
She tackled my heart, but they want the rest of me.

Mason Nova is...MINE.
Gossips love drama. Anything to up their likes, especially when we're the story.
Enough is ENOUGH.
I stopped hiding and paid the price...even have the scars to prove it. It’s time to control my narrative.
I’m taking a page from my boyfriend’s playbook to prove he’s not the only one playing for keeps.

PLAYING FOR KEEPS is book 3 in the #UofJ Series and cannot be read as a stand-alone. It picks up right after the epic cliffhanger in GAME CHANGER. Our rainbow-haired sass queen is out to prove her Caveman isn't the only alpha in their relationship to win their #HEA.

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