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Game Changer
#U of J, Book 2

@UofJ411 Thought you didn't fumble @CasaNova87? #OffYourGame #LosingMoreThanTDs

I had the girl--THE girl.
Kay. My Skittles...MINE.
Then a blitz from the past flattened me like a linebacker.
Time for a new playbook.

Mason Nova is...argh!
I told myself to stay away.
Warned my heart not to fall for him.
Did it listen? NOPE.
Now it feels like it’s crushed under a fallen cheer pyramid.
Sorry to tell you, but you are NOT a game changer.

GAME CHANGER is book 2 in the U of J Series and cannot be read as a stand-alone. It picks up right from the cliff LOOKING TO SCORE threw you off of. Can our too-charming-for-his-own-good Casanova win back his pint-sized, rainbow-haired sass queen in this second chance sports romance? The banter between these two continues until Mase and Kay’s story concludes in PLAYING FOR KEEPS.

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